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13 November 2010



The idea that the net is free space, free from all previous authroities, all previous codes of behaviour or ethic

i'm not so sure... the names of the powerful individuals & companies has changed for sure, but the aggressive stance of Apple, Google, MS, etc. towards naming, IP, real competition, etc makes me question this last part of your analysis

regarding the earlier: re privacy / transparency... I largely agree, although again I think the whole area of who owns the information we share through social media needs to be part of the mix, as the everybody/nobody answer doesn't cut it when the $$Big are paid for protecting / trading our net identities.


Great post! Lots of great questions.....


the idea that the net is 'free space' is not my idea i think it is what many people assume--i agree with you Geoff on that one, but it is a prevailing thought and i think it has to be taken into consideration when thinking about these issues.

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