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09 May 2012



Going to be right behind soon I think... Hate that damn site. Has no use for me really. Nice work! Hope all well...and how the hell did we throw the league?


I have never had a facebook, and I have never regretted it. So many people tell me that it would be good for my career, or good for keeping in touch. They may have a point, but I don't think it would be worth the energy it would take. I have enough trouble trying to pick up the phone and call my brothers once in awhile, I certainly don't care what hundreds of people I met once or used to hang with are doing at this moment. It is just noise, and I will always have a close circle of family and friends who are noise enough for today. Enjoy your new life!


So you missed my comment on the FB when Obama announced??
"Busy building a solar powered gay robot who correctly quotes scripture and pisses on the graves of dead fundamentalists"
Yeah my feed made me angry as well... Too many preachy types...
Love you b


We have friends we choose and friends who are chosen for us. But if the ultimate test of friendship is to give up one's life for a friend, then, as an organ transplant recipient, the person who became an organ donor whose liver has given me a second life, but whose identity I will never know, is indeed a friend.

We can all be such friends through organ donation, "the gift of life."

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