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12 December 2013



Post-modern "civilization" is entirely secular, superficial, materialistic, outward-directed, and object-directed. A "civilization" founded on a mode of propaganda about the nature of existence that has driven humankind to the point of self-destruction.

In the modern humanly created world, people are obsessively interested in what is "out there" - what they do with one another in the common world. They remain involved in mere exchanges of words, including the religion-speak words of exoteric religion. They superficially socialize with one another, and relate to the other aspects of the common world with which they are associated. In that case they either (quite rightly) refuse all involvement with religion, or else merely make token and self-serving gestures in the direction of religion. Such is the institutionalized exotericism of what is conventionally called religion.
The exclusive preoccupation with what is "out there" is a disposition that is now manifested everywhere on Earth - with dreadful results. Listen to the global "daily news" of terrible violence and threats, especially by those that presume to be religious, including right-wing Christians. Look at the absolute emptiness of consumer egoity and consumer "culture". It is madness.

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